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23 Jan 08 – Naked Orchestra

This is some of the music played by the Naked Orchestra on 23 Jan 08. Some of the recording fell prey to dead recorder batteries. The files are 128k VBR mp3s.

Set 1 (mp3)

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Frenchmen String Quartet to play before Open Ears shows

Starting this week, the Frenchmen String Quartet will play before each Open Ears show. They do classical string quartet repertoire as well as some other interesting things, so get there early and enjoy the music. This shouldn’t affect the start times of the Open Ears shows, it will just double the amount of cool music you can hear in one night.

Wolter Wierbos & Bare Bones

Wolter Wierbos is a marvelous trombonist from the Netherlands, and is sure to keep up the tradition of great Open Ears shows put on by visiting Dutchmen. This night will be trombone blow out night, with solo performances by Wolter, and solos, duos and more with Wolter and some of New Orleans great trombonists: Rick Trolsen, Big Sam Williams,  Jeff Albert, and Mark McGrain.

Special thanks to Andy Durta for hooking us up with Wolter.