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Albert, Oestreicher, & Peake

Due to unanticipated circumstances Rajah’s band will not perform on 6/30, but he will be back on the series soon.

6/30’s performance will be by the curatorial trio of Jeff Albert, Dan Oestreicher, and Justin Peake. There will be acoustic instruments, and electronic instruments, and maybe even a prototype of the “Jimbo in your Pocket.”

Touch plus Gratkowski et al

This is the audio archive from 24 Mar 09. The files are 128k VBR mp3s.

Musicians: Frank Gratkowski (woodwinds), Dan Oestreicher (low saxes and modular synth) Justin Peake (drums, and computer on set 2).

Set 1 – part 1 (mp3)

Set 1 – part 2 (mp3)

add for set 2: Doug Garrison (drums), Jesse Morrow (bass), Jeff Albert (trombone), Rex Gregory and Aurora Nealand (bass clarinets)

Set 2(mp3)

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