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Ige*Timer plus Easley/Albert – Audio Archive 6 Oct 09

This is the audio archive from 6 Oct 09. The files are 128k VBR mp3s.


Dave Easley (pedal steel guitar) & Jeff Albert (trombone)

Set 1 (mp3)


Set 2 (mp3)

Ige*Timer, Dave Easley, & Jeff Albert

Set 3 (mp3)

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pseudo-experimental, micro, multitudinous sax duo [amsterdam/baton rouge], plus Laptop Orchestra of Louisiana state (LOLs)

Michael Strauss (Amsterdam) is a saxophonist and composer, and he will be performing with Grif Cambell (of Baton Rouge). They will perform works for 2 saxophones and electronic sounds.

The night will also feature Reconciliation, which is a piece for three wind instruments and computer sounds by Jeff Albert.

The Laptop Orchestra of Louisiana state will also make its debut performance.