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Jacob Wick – 17 Nov 09 – Audio Archive

This is the audio archive from 17 Nov 09. The files are 128k VBR mp3s.


Jacob Wick (trumpet), Jeff Albert (trombone), Dan Oestreicher (baritone and bass saxophones), Jesse Morrow (bass), Dave Cappello (drums)

This Is It (mp3)

Set 2 (mp3)

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Brian Prunka (NY) with Nobu Ozaki, Simon Lott, and Mike Jenner

Brian Prunka (guitar and oud), Nobu Ozaki (bass), Simon Lott (drums), and Mike Jenner (sax)

This show was originally scheduled to include German pianist Georg Gräwe, and be held downstairs. Georg has encountered some immigration issues, so he will not be here and the gig will be upstairs.

Rest assured that we are safe from bad ass European musicians taking our door gigs, and filling our atmosphere with unfamiliar sound waves.

This will still be a great night of music, with Brian Prunka returning from NY to make some music with his NOLA peeps.