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Steve Marquette Quintet – Audio Archive – 11 September 2012

This is the audio archive from 11 September 2012. The files are 128k VBR mp3s.

Steve Marquette (guitar), Brad Walker (tenor sax), Jeff Albert (trombone), Jesse Morrow (bass), & Marcello Benetti (drums)

Set 1 (mp3)

Set 2 (mp3)

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Oestreicher/Benetti/McFatter/Murano – Audio Archive – 14 August 2012

This is the audio archive from 14 August 2012. The files are 128k VBR mp3s.

Dan Oestreicher (bass sax), Marcello Benetti (drums), Tim McFatter (tenor sax), & Pete Murano (guitar)

Set 1 (mp3)

Unfortunately this recording was cut short by recorder (operator) error. Sorry.

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5th Anniversary Open Ears Improv Mash-up

One of the reasons the Open Ears Music Series was founded was to provide a platform/meeting place/incubator for the improvising musicians of New Orleans. Over the years we have presented a number of Improv Mash Ups, in which a number of improvisers are invited to perform in various ad hoc groupings. These have been some of the more popular performances, and October 30 will feature a huge celebratory gathering of improvisers, who will play in a variety of previously unexplored groupings. Confirmed participants include: Helen Gillet, Justin Peake, Barry Stephenson, Mark McGrain, Dave Cappello, Chris Alford, Doug Garrison, Rick Trolsen, Rev Gooden, Brad Walker, Ray Moore, Jeff Albert, Marcello Benetti, Jesse Morrow,Justin Peake & Dan Oestreicher.

Duo Baars-Hennemann

Ab Baars and Ig Henneman are among the leading representers of the jazz- and improvised music scene in the Netherlands. Their program contains improvisations based on compositions written by Baars and Henneman and completely improvised material.

The duo Baars-Henneman was born in Rome (IT) at the Festival “ControIndicazioni” in 1999. Ab Baars and Ig Henneman have participated in international festivals and played venues as a duo and with their own groups. The duo toured in The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, UK, Japan, Norway, Czech Republic, USA, Canada and Brasil. Ab Baars leads his own groups; the Ab Baars Trio and Quartet. For years now he is a member of the ICP Orchestra of Misha Mengelberg and Han Bennink. Ig Henneman is a violaplayer and a composer. She leads her own groups in which she works with musicians from various areas of music, like radical free improvisation, jazz, contemporary music and punk. She is a member of the Canadian/Dutch Queen Mab Trio.

Gebhard Ullmann/Steve Swell 4 featuring Barry Altschul & Hill Greene

The ‘Ullmann/Swell 4′ is the latest format of Gebhard Ullmann (based in Berlin) and Steve Swell (based in NYC) with bassist Hill Greene and legendary drummer Barry Altschul. This emotional and intense quartet was founded in 2004 and toured in the U.S. and Canada in the same year. In October and November of 2006 the ‘Ullmann/Swell 4′ performed in Europe for the first time and got raving reviews. The quartet performed on 2008’s Vision Festival in New York City and was called by many one of the highlights of the festival.

The Log Ladies & Jeff Albert Quartet/Quintet

Set 1: Log Ladies & Jeff Albert

Set 2: Jeff Albert Quartet/Quintet

October 9 is Jeff’s birthday, so he booked some of his favorite groups in which he plays.

The Log Ladies have crafted their brand of cosmic skronk jazz in the rich musical soil of New Orleans. Their music sheds jazz conventions and avant-garde headiness, yet combines these genres in a rocking accessible sonic adventure. Haunting melodies mix with a romping rhythm section, shifting textures and even a healthy dose of humor, to deliver a distinctive alluring sound. Chris Alford(guitar), Dave Cappello(drums),and Jesse Morrow(bass) are three unique stylized improvising musicians whose sum is The Log Ladies. In July, The Log Ladies did a tour of Texas with Jeff as their guest.

The Jeff Albert Quartet was born in 2004 and now features Ray Moore on saxes, Jesse Morrow on bass, and Dave Cappello on drums. They will perform material from their CDs One and Similar in the Opposite Way, as well as some newer quintet material that will also feature Chris Alford on guitar.

Dave Rempis (from Chicago)

Set 1: Dave Rempis/Jeff Albert Duo
Set 2: Dave Rempis & Dan Oestreicher (saxes), Jesse Morrow (bass), & Dave Cappello (drums)

Over the last decade, Dave Rempis has emerged as one of the most notable players in the Chicago jazz and improvised music scene. As the leader of groups including the Rempis Percussion Quartet, The Engines, The Rempis/Rosaly Duo, Wheelhouse, and Triage, Rempis has toured regularly throughout Europe and North America, and has recorded for the Okkadisk, 482 Music, Atavistic, Jazzland, Clean Feed, and Not Two record labels. In addition to these groups, Rempis has been noted for his long-time role in Ken Vandermark’s bands, including the Vandermark Five, Territory Band, and Resonance Ensemble. His frequent ad hoc collaborations have included performances with Roscoe Mitchell, Paul Lytton, Axel Doerner, Joe McPhee, Nels Cline, Peter Brotzmann, Hamid Drake, Kevin Drumm, Tony Buck, and Fred Anderson. Rempis has also been named a Talent Deserving Wider Recognition in both the alto and baritone saxophone categories in the annual Downbeat Magazine International Critics’ Poll. Since 2002 he’s curated a weekly concert series at Elastic Arts as a founding member of the presenters’ group Umbrella Music. He also curates the annual Umbrella Music Festival, now in its seventh year.