5th Anniversary Open Ears Improv Mash-up

One of the reasons the Open Ears Music Series was founded was to provide a platform/meeting place/incubator for the improvising musicians of New Orleans. Over the years we have presented a number of Improv Mash Ups, in which a number of improvisers are invited to perform in various ad hoc groupings. These have been some of the more popular performances, and October 30 will feature a huge celebratory gathering of improvisers, who will play in a variety of previously unexplored groupings. Confirmed participants include: Helen Gillet, Justin Peake, Barry Stephenson, Mark McGrain, Dave Cappello, Chris Alford, Doug Garrison, Rick Trolsen, Rev Gooden, Brad Walker, Ray Moore, Jeff Albert, Marcello Benetti, Jesse Morrow,Justin Peake & Dan Oestreicher.

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