Open Ears Music Series is organized by Jeff Albert. Its simple goal is to provide an accessible venue for interesting music. There is a $10 suggested donation each night, which is used to pay the artists.

Many performances are recorded and posted on this site (with the permission of the artists). Click an artist’s name in the sidebar to see all of their recorded Open Ear performances.

Email: jeff (at) openearsmusic (dot) org

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Jane McClements

    Yes, but where are you?
    It doesn’t tell me anywhere where this is happening or when?

    If you happen to speak to the McClements one, can you tell him that possibly his cousin Jane, recently arrived from Scotland, would like to say hello.
    I’m not scary, honest.

    Jane in Boston
    PS I’d turn up and put money in the hat if your website wasn’t so cryptic. I’m mobile after all.

  2. jeff Post author

    Well Jane I apologize if it seems cryptic. The NOLA in the intro on the home page stood for New Orleans Louisiana. I changed it, in an effort to lower our cryptography quotient.

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