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Jeff Albert Sextet – “Penser” recorded 15 December 2015

Recorded live at the Open Ears Music Series in New Orleans by the Jeff Albert Sextet featuring Rob Mazurek, Mars Williams, Brad Walker, Jesse Morrow, & Marcello Benetti.

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Rob Mazurek & Black Cube SP – April 28, 2015

Sound check. Post-gig at Verti Mart, plus Britt & Durta.

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x-files archives

There seem to be a couple of archives that have vanished into the cyber-void. Here they are again. 26 March Rob Mazurek, Dan Oestreicher, and Justin Peake Diesel Combustion Orchestra 16 April Oestreicher/Sciple/Gregory Oestreicher/Lott/Moore

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Rob Mazurek photo from 26 March 08

Rob Mazurek performing on March 26, 2008. Photo courtesy of Richard Thompson. More of Richard’s photos from March 26 are here.

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