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Wolter Wierbos & Bare Bones Audio Archive – 12 Mar 08

This is the audio archive from 12 Mar 08. The files are 128k VBR mp3s.

The participating trombonists are Wolter Wierbos, Jeff Albert, Mark McGrain, Rick Trolsen, and Big Sam Williams.

Wolter solo (mp3)

Mark & Jeff (mp3)

Wolter & Rick (mp3)

Big Sam & Jeff (mp3)

Rick & Mark (mp3)

Wolter & Jeff (mp3)

Big Sam & Rick (mp3)

Wolter & Mark (mp3)

Mark & Big Sam (mp3)

Jeff & Rick (mp3)

Wolter & Big Sam (mp3)

Wolter, Big Sam, Mark Rick, & Jeff (mp3)

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