Music Mash Up v.2

Here is the music archive from the 20 Feb 08 Open Ears concert, Music Mash Up v.2. The musicians are Robin Boudreaux (saxes), Ray Moore (saxes and flutes), jeff Albert (trombone), David Hyman (guitar and samples), Dave Cappello (drums), Joe Ashlar (cheesy little Casio), and Simon Lott (drums and pocket trumpet). Justin Peake sat in on drums on one episode, and Helen Gillet played cello on one episode. The files are 128k VBR mp3s.

Hyman, Albert, Moore, Boudreaux, & Cappello

Moore, Hyman & Cappello

Albert, Boudreaux, Hyman, & Cappello

Moore, Boudreaux, & Cappello

Moore & Albert

Hyman, Albert, & Peake

Moore, Gillet, & Cappello

Ashlar & Lott

Boudreaux & Lott

Ashlar & Hyman

Cappello & Lott

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