slyo plus NOLA guests

Set 1 – slyo

Set 2 – Nat Slaughter, Katherine Young, Justin Peake, and Jeff Albert

slyo, a series of performances by nat slaughter (contrabass) and katherine young (bassoon), investigates the relationships between site specificity (spaces in cities and non-urban places) and sound. the plan is geographic and intuitive: at selected sites in the contiguous southeastern united states these two will use their instruments and the environmental parameters to formulate and manifest sounds in and for each space.

slaughter and young corresponded only a few times before they first met and played together. as a result, the sounds they spontaneously composed were informed more by their performative environment than other traditional musical structures. this initial experience in this particular place – a small, rectangular space with mats and floor pillows functioning as a meditation room – encouraged them to seek out new spaces based on details, location, and personalitym as slaughter explains, what will emerge from this process are ‘limprovisational sound designs that space and environment inform.” young adds, “we are looking forward to traveling to new places and to exploring in new ways places we’ve been before.”

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