The Log Ladies & Jeff Albert Quartet/Quintet

Set 1: Log Ladies & Jeff Albert

Set 2: Jeff Albert Quartet/Quintet

October 9 is Jeff’s birthday, so he booked some of his favorite groups in which he plays.

The Log Ladies have crafted their brand of cosmic skronk jazz in the rich musical soil of New Orleans. Their music sheds jazz conventions and avant-garde headiness, yet combines these genres in a rocking accessible sonic adventure. Haunting melodies mix with a romping rhythm section, shifting textures and even a healthy dose of humor, to deliver a distinctive alluring sound. Chris Alford(guitar), Dave Cappello(drums),and Jesse Morrow(bass) are three unique stylized improvising musicians whose sum is The Log Ladies. In July, The Log Ladies did a tour of Texas with Jeff as their guest.

The Jeff Albert Quartet was born in 2004 and now features Ray Moore on saxes, Jesse Morrow on bass, and Dave Cappello on drums. They will perform material from their CDs One and Similar in the Opposite Way, as well as some newer quintet material that will also feature Chris Alford on guitar.

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